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Plastic Shrink Sleeve (PVC Shrink Film Bag)

This PVC shrink film has outstanding features. The film is clear. When the product is shrunk. Can show the interest of the product well. The color of the product is beautiful. The brand message features the components that the seller wants the consumer to see. The use of shrink film. Wrap product It also creates confidence to consumers that. Consumers are the first to enable the product. Available in rolls. Or order a bag to fit different size.

Shrink film for label printing

PVC shrink film is a kind of roll film, the core is the customer can be cut to the appropriate length.

Plastic shrink wrap

PVC shrink film is characterized by the roll film core is a sheet separation pipe. Can be labeled auto-label products to make products beautiful. Interesting and add value to the product.

Shrink film for plain roll

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